Thursday, April 15, 2010

More propane tanks , Waves crashing over shipwreck

I want to show you another painting of island fuel tanks, and if you've ever been to Monhegan, you have passed these old tanks many a time, but I am sure you never thought to yourself, what a lovely thing to paint. but Frank did....

Fuel tank outside Elva's- 24 x 36" oil painting by Frank Bruckmann ©
click on image to enlarge

Waves crashing over the DT Sheridan 9" x 12" oil painting by Frank Bruckmann © click on image to enlarge


  1. To me, the propane tanks are as much a part of Monhegan as the rocks and pines. Great painting! Looks like mid day, but the composition is so strong, there is no need for strong shadows. The softened houses in the background are just so incredibly perfect and lovely. Can't believe I never saw that view!
    And, Frank, it looks like you might have gotten wet from sea spray on the second painting! Those waves really glow out of the darkened day. Such motion even in the rocks and hull.

  2. Can I just go on record to say what a joy it is to read and view the art, photography, and text of this heartwarming blog. It makes me so happy to see the joy and peace you all are living. xoxoxo AFB

  3. yes, you can, and coming from you, mom of 3 boys roaming the rocky mountains, it means a lot. thanks afb