Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Party for kids and dogs

Our daughter wanted to have her 7th birthday with all the kids and all the dogs on Monhegan. kids=8, dogs=4 (the rest of the dogs were busy). we baked dog treats (never again, yecchh!).

at her request we baked a cornbread with nutella cake that was dog shaped....

and we made a pinata to look like her teacher's dog, Maya, which the kids destroyed in no time.

sporting some new pretty hair clips, a beaded necklace and a felted wool hair twisty from island friends....a great way to celebrate 7.


  1. corn cake with Nutella. sounds the best!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Jorgie!
    Jorgie is so incredibly beautiful. Jeesh.
    I must have cornbread with Nutella now, thank you.

  3. Happy 7th Jorgie! Wow - 7 already! It's a big world out there for a beautiful girl like you! Congratulations. Loved the cake and pinata you all made!

  4. Hi Muffy! Happy birthday Jorgie! The party looked like a lot of fun. Have a great rest of days on the island.