Monday, March 29, 2010

Lobster Cove and the Wreck of the DT Sheridan

Sun! Sun! oh back to a vibrant palette....I happen to know (because I am privy to such juicy info) that Frank is considering using one of these below as a study, to paint a much larger version. Informal poll: which one do you think would be the best choice??

Looking to Lobster Cove Beach-oil on canvas. painting by Frank Bruckmann©
The Flotsam from the DT Sheridan-oil on canvas. painting by Frank Bruckmann©

Paintings are available for purchase.


  1. Both are so nice! My vote goes to the first one, "Looking to Lobster Cove". It has a lot of great stuff going on (surf, sky, trees, different grasses, wreckage) that would make it fun to do large.
    But then again, the bits of rusty wreckage in the second painting would be so fun to investigate more too, make it really pop in a big format.
    Okay, I'm no help. Both would be perfect large. I know Frank can handle it beautifully either way!

  2. The top one, hands down. reminds me of my time in Maine. I went to Bowdoin and our art classes used to paint on the coast.

    thanks, Muffy for telling me about this blog. I may ask you for help with research at some point if you are up for it. My protagonist has a studio on the coast of Maine and a lot of the book takes place in a small coastal town near Portland and in Portland!


  3. I vote Lobster Cove - love the sea view!