Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Signs of Spring," as the kids like to say

Spring is springing all around us here.....the kids and I have been going on "signs of Spring" walks, sometimes with our sketchbooks, to identify how Winter is being replaced by the lovely are a few examples...
St Patrick's Day Bingo at the Monhegan School for instance....Take a look at us! We really cleaned up. Frank won the coveted award of March Bingo Champ, and his picture will be displayed on the wall, just 2 months away from my pic, as I was the January Bingo Champ....and look at those Shamrock earrings, headbands (thanks Lisa), and the yard ale beer glass Arlo is happily displaying.

Last weekend we spent hours at pebble beach, and no one complained about being cold or wanting to go home! The kids collected periwinkles and made up names and stories about them all, and the tide came in to wash them away. Sadly, we found a dead baby seal that wasn't any larger than a rabbit, which I threw into the surf, away from the dogs.

The harbingers of Spring themselves, a patch of snowdrops on Newt's front lawn.

Getting creative hauling beach garbage. thanks to Chaco's leash and Arlo's hood, we were able to make Pebble Beach nicer (at least until the next storm contributes its flotsam)

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