Saturday, March 13, 2010

New and revised artwork

Love this painting (which is still in progress, but i had to post it). Love the composition. Love the quiet of the wharf in winter, contrasted with the propane tanks, offering the proof of human existence.

Propane Tanks in Limbo(in progress)- 18x24" oil painting by Frank Bruckmann©

Just Frank, the propane tanks, and a chilly Westerly wind. can you hear the gulls squawking? I also love this painting because i always thought those tanks marred the beauty of the wharf...i don't think that anymore.

The cemetery painting with a new look. On a previous post, Frank felt the blue was too strong and taking away from the cemetery in the foreground.
Peering Across the Cemetery-revised, 16x20" oil painting by Frank Bruckmann ©

The light across the top of Manana, windy day with rough seas, lobster paraphernalia lining the path to Swim Beach.

Lobster Corridor- 12x16"- oil painting by Frank Bruckmann©

You can almost walk right into this painting:
Looking North, Road Outside the Bracy House-16x20" oil painting by Frank Bruckmann©

Prices for all paintings upon request. Some images enlarge when you double click on them (and for some reason, some don't)

1 comment:

  1. Frank! Love the propane tanks, of course! The painting is wonderful! Documents so much about the wharf. I love the tanks because they reflect the sun, sky, and earth so vividly. And the represent dependence and independence at the same time.
    I wouldn't have thought the cemetery painting needed changing, but it is more balanced. Those are my favorite headstones - the Starlings, right?
    I love 'Lobster Corridor" with it's heaviness, and I feel chilly just looking at it. I have never painted that scene because of the rock wall on the right. But because you are Master of Rocks, it's a piece of cake for you!
    "Looking North" is a scene I think I have never really studied. It's so warm and still looks wintry. What a nice clear day to see the hills.
    The road/puddle/grass foreground which is the whole bottom half is painted with such efficiency and subtlety that the top half can draw you in and away. Nice!
    You are just blowing me away with these paintings!