Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Frank, presents for everyone, kids clean up Lobster Cove

It was Frank's bday on 3/16 and so we regaled him with the finest of presents and cake and bday trimmings, but then he announced presents for US, and took us down to his studio, and there they were...3 paintings (in progress) of each of us, that he's been doing in secret! They are to be mementos from our Monhegan sojourn.

Arlo painted this tee shirt for Frank, it says "the War of Art" and he drew Frank as a warrior (what else does a 9 year old boy draw?) and for his weaponry, he has a brush and palette.

Day 2 of Spring Break: the kids collected ALL this trash from Lobster Cove and carted it back in Angela's truck...

Junked lobster traps, more trash and kids loving the spring weather and riding in the back.
South of the harbor.
myself and my girl

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  1. Happy late birthday, Frank. I love those paintings of the kids! Mary Louise