Monday, March 8, 2010

Rocks and water, blue snow

A few more finished paintings to show .....Frank painted a ton while the kids and I were off learning to ski. I love the soft color of the snow and sky, considering it is the dead of winter. For every time I've walked up this hill, I have never "seen" this view but Frank saw the composition, and I love how he expressed it on canvas.

Blue Snow -14x18" oil on canvas-painting by Frank Bruckmann©SOLD

I wish you could see the painting below in "real life". It is large, it is dramatic, you can hear and feel the waves thrashing against the rocks.

Waves Curling in, South of the Harbor -36x48" painting by Frank Bruckmann©

Frank bidding us farewell from the dock, heading back into his studio.


  1. the big wave painting is a winner!

  2. The paintings just get better and better!
    I love the peak of the graveyard and the streak of light across the grass in the Horns Hill painting. And how the gentle sweep of the clouds keep the whole thing balanced.

    And the waves! Again, wonderful composition from the master of rocks!

  3. Love the Horn Hill Painting and picture of Frank....Nancy