Monday, March 1, 2010

Punishing Surf!

We have run to the backside of the island many times over the past few days. While most of the NE is getting hit with snowstorms, Monhegan has not a drop of snow or ice, but the most dramatic, riveting surf. Standing there, watching, you just want to harness all that power. It is, in the true sense of the word, awesome!

At Gull Pond, check out the cascading water filling up the pond!
The overlook, looking North. What a thrill to come up over the crest and see that feisty ocean
Check out that wave spraying over Gull Rock! and the water pouring into Gull Pond, where we were all safely playing the other day, during low tide. not a soul would step out there with surf like this....On the down side, it is the weather that is delaying the Monhegan School Ski Trip to Sugarloaf...we were supposed to leave this morning, but with 15foot waves and wind gusts up to 50 knots, and pelting rain, it looks like we'll wait for the next ferry off the island, tomorrow. But, being in NEngland, in 5 minutes the sun could be shining....One way or another, the next post will be about the ski trip!


  1. Lived in Maine back in the 70's and spent a lot of time at Arcaicida, That looks awesome but a bit scary, best of luck and ur right wait 5 minutes and it will change, That's the beauty of NE

  2. Was the Island shaking? Must have been awesome. That shot of Gull Rock is unbelievable!
    Hope the trip goes well!