Wednesday, March 10, 2010

SUGARLOAF ski trip!

We were on our a 2-days of skiing, but 4 days of traveling, ski trip to Sugarloaf mountain, in Carrabassett Valley, ME. Jessie, the kids' schoolteacher and her father teach disabled skiiers how to use incredible equipment to augment their disabilities, and therefore with their years of service, we were invited to really experience Sugarloaf in royal form. Thank you Paul and Jessie for all your incredible assistance....

The Monhegan School Ski Club (ha ha) and their teacher, Jessie.

Day 1 , the kids had their skiing lessons and here i caught up with them as they were being pulled up the mountain on the "Moose Caboose", a snowmobile with a 2 sided sled to drag kids back up the bunny slope.
Up up up they go on the chairlift

Up at the tip top of the mountain with one of the middle schoolers. We had a great run down the mountain where he invented the new kind of crash, called "the frog"

helmut, check....goggles, check....blonde bangs dangling haphazardly in front of eyes, check.

post skiing slumber
For all our family and his friends, i promised Arlo i'd post this video.

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