Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Warming up for the Workshop

Painting with Dan Sharkey from Ridgefield, CT, on the backside. Frank and Dan caught the afternoon light and shadows under Burnt Head, looking toward Whitehead. They started the day drinking lots of good strong coffee over breakfast, and then headed out to paint at the wharf. When the Westerly wind ended that painting session, they found refuge here, on the other side of the island, after a quick "lunch and a beer". Both were happy to get a good start on their paintings, and to return back to the house for the Monhegan fishermen's specialty.... LOBSTER!

Thanks for coming up Dan, it kind of felt like a warm-up for Frank's painting workshop, June 12-19th. Send us pics of your finished paintings!

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  1. seems like Dan already has the ridght kind of outer wear for this trip. Looks like a really good time, too. Mary Louise