Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break Highlights...

This was the day we had the scavenger hunt. I gave the kids a list of things they had to do or collect, and the first team (of 2 teams) back with proof of all the things, including candy wrappers from candy hidden in an infamous island tree, rubbings from the cemetery gravestones, photos of fishermen, etc, was the winner, and then both teams got to search for "treasure" we'd buried on Fish Beach.

Hurry, hurry! Racing to find the buried treasure.

Proof that they found a rooster..

Using the shovel from burying treasure, the gang spent the rest of the afternoon building elaborate ways to divert the water running off from the meadow into the harbor, barefoot (!)

The next day we woke up to this! A snow covered island and here the spring flowers out in front of Carina were in shock!

So then it got cooooollldddd! Chris, Megan and Diane Bruckmann came for a visit-all the way from NJ, and smiled as they landed on Monhegan for the first time, despite the snow and cold and we still managed to get out and about, had some lovely sunny but chilly hikes, ate really good food, including the Spanish-ish dinner Chris made with all the fixin's from his favorite Latin grocery store in Bridgewater, NJ.
The day we took the kids into Cathedral Woods to do a little service work, to rake and clear up the path, I finally took a pic of this lichen on the spruce trees. It's so wonderfully crusty.

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