Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cemetery, Cathedral Woods, Sunset looking South

February has been mild and mellow as far as weather, and if we hadn't had our first round of visitors, I'd say it would have been an extremely quiet month, which is really what winter is about.

Peering Across the Cemetery- 16x20" oil by Frank Bruckmann©

We meet the kids for their lunch break at school, and then found a sunny corner out of the wind up at the cemetery. As you see, Frank painted... while I sketched and drank in the sunshine.

In the quiet of Cathedral Woods, I met up with Frank and snapped this shot. It was beastly quiet in there that day, and I wanted to just sit and listen and watch the sun hitting all the trees, rocks, snow effects, it was so lovely, but my toes and nose had froze. See Frank's painting, finished, below.

In that Open Spot in Cathedral Woods-12x16" oil by Frank Bruckmann©

Sunset Looking South- 16x20' oil painting by Frank Bruckmann©

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  1. Nice paintings! My favorite is the cemetery of course.
    I love the color and shape of the curvey topped stone on the right.