Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bingo again, clanging bells, and walking the cat?

Looking out my bedroom window is the first thing I do every morning, to make sure Manana (the island across the harbor) is still there. On this morn, the glow was so beckoning, i went out on the porch to get the full view....
It was a very sunny day, and after we took the kids for a picnic and sent them back to school, frank and i headed up to paint at the cemetery....can anyone find the backwards "N" on a headstone, and more importantly, does anyone know WHY the "N" is backwards? typhographical error?

yes, we are walking our cat, to get her used to the surroundings before letting her loose. isn't that silly?

it was Monhegan School Bingo night tonight. Look at those sweets made by the sweets. there were also sugar cookies shaped like sea creatures and sprinkled to death with all sorts of valentine's confections....
For a 360 degree view from the lighthouse, and a very creative use of the last bits of icy snow, press "play" for this riveting (hee hee) one minute movie. please excuse the wind.

1 comment:

  1. Great video! That poor bell gets so much abuse! I remember setting up to paint up there on a windy day. Haha. Broke my easel.
    How is kitty adjusting?
    I know exactly where those tombstones are. Never noticed the backwards 'N'.
    Happy Valentine's Day!