Monday, February 8, 2010

Art from the whole family

On the way to lobster cove, you happen upon these clues that you are about to pass a fisherman's house....I like how Frank can paint all that gear to look pretty.

Webber's Stuff- 12 x16" painting by Frank Bruckmann©

We tell people there are no cars on Monhegan, and that is true, but there are trucks, which are needed to haul all that fishing gear (above) from here to there. So we all get around on foot. On an island that is just 1.5 miles long by 1 mile wide, there isn't really anything that is far away, but when it's cold and the wind takes an extra coffee and layer of clothing before i agree to walk with the kids to school. still, i find myself walking and walking and walking, i'm outside so much more here than back at home. by the way, there ARE 17 miles of hiking trails on this tiny island....
so here is a truck...maybe someday i'll recognize who's truck is who's.

Red Truck in Town 12 x 16" painted by Frank Bruckmann©

shunning the papparazzi, she is, while i give 'em my best smile...

who was busy on the frozen pond before us? okay, birders, i want answers here...
road kill with buoy!

when kids take your camera and then alter their pics in photoshop...

the kids and i met frank and some others who were painting overlooking boar's head, near burnt head, and we got there in time to have a quick picnic and for me to get out my brand new sharpie paint marker, do a lightning speed sketch, and then fill in with watercolors. i felt like i was a hunter...saw the view i wanted, attacked with the ink, finished up the scene with watercolor before returning back to my cave.

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  1. Oh, you hunter! Love it! Wonderful sketch!!! I love the red truck of course. And I don't know who's it is either. I rarely saw that one.
    And Frank, the way you paint trees blows me away almost as much as the way you paint rocks.
    Arlo, get out of the road!