Wednesday, February 17, 2010

seals, sweets, art

Frank spent a lot more time on this painting of lobster cove. Now the snow is long gone from here, though my mom and sis in law in PA have sent footage of their snowstorms, keeping kids out of school almost all week long. how we long for another big storm up here!

Lobster Cove and the DT Sheridan (shipwreck) 12 x 16" painting by Frank Bruckmann©

Painting from life out on the rocks, and wielding her artistic license.
surface of a beautiful Valentine's Day cake with frosted hearts, and the Monhegan Harbor beyond. Thank you Susan for inviting us to help you eat it! it was soooooo good.

outdoor desktop of juniper shrubs.

check out this guy! he was sunning himself on the rocks, until we got too close. this is up at the North end of the island, pebble beach. the seals in winter seem very sociable, swimming in close to check us out. We saw over a dozen on this hike, splashing around as if to show off. i was riveted!


  1. Muffy, I am enjoying keeping up with you and your family through your blog. What an adventure! I think I'm a little jealous. It reminds me of growing up in a small town in upstate New York. I went to a one room school house with about 10 or 12 children. Keep the posts coming. They are enjoyable. Have fun.

    Danielle Wilcox
    (Matt's mom)

  2. How wonderful with the seals! They are so cute.

    Love the shot of the palette. It's like arty softcore for me.

    And that cake!!! Oh I can almost taste it. Susan's baking is legendary!

  3. riveted --- moi aussi --- hello to all , xxx Janet