Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Wharf in Snow and Approaching Lobster Cove... new paintings, AND skating AND shrimp!

The white stuff is falling again, and looks lovely swirling around and blanketing the view from here. Frank is satisfied with the wharf painting he painted with fellow artist Susan, one afternoon last week. He's touched it up and here it is below:
The Wharf in Snow- 12 x 16" Frank Bruckmann ©

Approaching Lobster Cove- 12 x 16" by Frank Bruckmann ©

Island Intrigue:
And then it was time again for Monhegan School's "Community" Gym Class, this time on the Ice Pond. My kids aren't skaters, yet. It was cold and sunny and everyone was happy, especially the pug dogs, brothers, named "Port" and "Starboard" that were harnessed to a red plastic sled with their one year old charge, dragging him across the pond. Another mom brought hockey sticks and pucks and I tried that for a while and felt empowered gliding round the ice with a hockey stick wrapped in hot pink tape.

We never knew the fisherman netted shrimp out here. And I didn't realize that shrimp....are kind of cute, but I still watched (kind of looked away) as Frank threw them into their bubbly death...fried 'em up with garlic, served over rice. ummmmmm. Oh, we got a phone call from a fisherman (who over the years rather keeps himself scarce)..."Hey Frank, do you guys like shrimp?" Uh, yea. So he came over with the catch, Frank said he had a huge bushel, and was very generous to us.

oh and my mom will be so proud to know that I have had now 3 or 4 gatherings with a few others, just to sing! some strum the guitar, we all sing, sea shanties, folk songs, whatever, and I found that the bible is that "rise up singing" book that all my musical friends in new haven carry with them at all times when there might be a chance of song. now, maybe, i will finally make the cut and get invited to the hoot a nannies (sp) that happen around our 'hood!


  1. Ugh. I have no idea how anyone can eat shrimp. But it looks like they were well enjoyed nonetheless.

    The new paintings are awesome of course. The unforgiving snowy gray of the wharf painting makes me feel the cold and hear the quiet.(Did you paint with Susan Gilbert?) Nice. And I love the contrast of the warm grasses and the snow, esp. the sofy shadowy foreground, in the lobster cove painting.

    Keep singing!