Friday, February 26, 2010

Italian Restaurant Night

I was lucky enough to participate in preparing for Italian Restaurant Night at the Monhegan School. Curriculum was suspended for one whole day while the kids transformed the school into an Italian Restaurant....The kids decided on the kind of restaurant they wanted (Italian), the menu (pizza, garlic bread, salad, iced tea, and cookies), they estimated how much pizza dough we "kneaded" to make, how many baguettes for garlic bread, they made placemats that had their drawings on one side and Monhegan School trivia on the other side, they borrowed real tablecloths from the Trailing Yew and set up 3 long tables for 30 total, and when the guests arrived, they greeted and seated and served them, and finished up with presenting them a bill which asked the diners to rate their restaurant experience! The students sat at their own staff table, behind a divider and roamed around the "restaurant" making sure everyone's glasses and plates were filled. Another parent helped bake pizzas, and a grandmother orchestrated the whole was highly successful, and very tasty.

4th graders got some experience kneading the dough for baguettes/garlic bread.

Cookie making teammates

Setting up the tables with centerpieces of scented geranium and placemats of kids' drawings was a very nice touch

The kids named the restaurant "Pizza Alla Mare", translates to "Pizza by the Sea". see the fish eating all the menu items?

Full house! Full bellies
Monhegan School Trivia time....see the little Italian flags on the table? our kids' finishing touch.
The waiter asking diners if they'd like more. note waiter's hairstyle.

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  1. That waiter's hairstyle is so chic! Jorgie's hair is growing in so stylishly too.
    What a fabulous experience for everybody. Thank you so much for posting the pics of Monheganites(including you all). I miss them so!