Thursday, April 29, 2010

More Spring! Mexican Dinner NIght! Ole!

Spring has been lovely. Daytime temps can range from 40 degrees to 70, so we can't quite pack away cozy sweaters yet. Most of the splotches of color are from forsythia, dandelions, and yellow is the prominent accent to accompany the greening of every blade of grass and bush. Across the meadow, the straw colored clumps are giving way to green centers that will eventually take over. but for now, it is great to be here and observe the changes.

The Monhegan School is in full gear, providing tons of entertainment for us all, once again:

suited up and ready to serve

Jessie took this pic of the "locals hanging out at the cantina" aka virgin margarita bar.

She loved her painted on eyelashes...The boys had great mustaches too.
ummmm. taco bar toppings.

Prepping all day at school, in character with sombreros, and party shirts (on the "bartender"). The whole community came, paid $8.00 a piece, after we got presented the "bill", and of course we all tipped the staff, who are raising field trip money.
May Pole celebration! Beautiful afternoon on Horn Hill to celebrate a little girl who turned one year old yesterday, along with 3 other island birthdays (4 b-days on the same day, in a population of 53-now that is crazy)
round and round until everyone's noses were touching the pole!

The school kids are preparing for the annual community-wide kickball tournament. To prepare, we met yesterday to tie-dye printed tees. No vat dying anymore, it's all about squirting intense dye out of bottles onto t-shirts that have been wetted. More pics to follow....

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