Friday, May 7, 2010

Frank Teaches the Monhegan School how to Paint

It was a gorgeous sunny and windy day, perfect weather for an outdoor art class at the Monhegan School.

Frank set up his easel, and gave the kids a few pointers to consider while painting, but mostly, we all just watched and saw a painting come alive.
with just a few quick strokes that seemed random and haphazard, but were in actuality, masterfully laid in, Frank began the sketch....
Here, Frank instructs us all to "step back" to see the painting from afar, to make sure it is composed and coming along correctly.
Painting really coming along...and yes, he did add in the tie-dye shirts drying on the clotheslines, to which the teacher gave an audible silent cheer...

the dogs posing like they wanted to be painted in

Demo over....oh, let's just go climb a tree.

oh, and earlier i wanted to do a quick sketch of the harbor, but someone kept getting in my way....that's Tillie and she'll follow you anywhere.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, Tillie! She is gorgeous. Can't wait to meet her!
    Love the pic of everyone standing back! Tall Gabe makes even Frank look like a kid! Jeesh.
    It looks warm and beautiful there now. Bet you get a lot of rainy days still.
    What a treat for the kids to watch Frank painting, although it's nothing new for Arlo and Jorgie!