Friday, May 28, 2010

Whoopie! New art by Me and The Novelty is now Open!

"Muffy's Room"(my cottage business of funky art for kids' merges with monhegan above, with tillie the cat down at the beach. the "friends of monhegan school" are raising money for the school thru donated art from local artists which will be auctioned off at the Carina.
the lupine meadow.....blooming weeks early

but the big news around town today...and this is a big deal when you have not had a choice of going out to eat for many months....the kids' got pizza AND ice cream for lunch. but not just any pizza and ice cream, really really good stuff from the novelty, dangerously located right at the bottom of the hill from our house...

Sue and Tobey welcomed the islanders and many visitors...with 3 flavors of whoopie pies that sue started to bake at 4am this morning and i spied pecan squares and lemon bars. they are smiling even though they don't know yet about the ferry that just unloaded 75 middle schoolers! hope they all went in for ice cream...

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