Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Meadow (painting by Frank) and visitors

Soft Day on the Marsh 24 x 36" oil painting by Frank Bruckmann ©

this is the view from the water station across the meadow, where i visited frank on this soft day with a large water bottle full of margaritas. the kids challenged each other to walk on this not so sturdy boardwalk, and i sat and watched an oriole moving around the meadow.
sprites coming out of the woods....head pieces and dandelion chain necklaces woven in a flash by a most amazing crafter, hadleigh, age 13.
Dean and Jo visiting, on our evening walk to lobster cove.

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  1. Look at Dean and Jo! I haven't seen them in a very long time. What fine, fabulous folks!
    Even considering my bias, Jorgie is just breathtaking and stunning in her beauty. Jeesh.
    And FANTASTIC painting, Frank! You are getting all the sticky angles I have always wondered about. I am in love with the treatment of the grasses in the foreground. Just so fantastic!