Thursday, June 3, 2010

Puffin Cruise to Eastern Egg Rock

The Captain/Owner of the Hardy Boat, Al Crocetti, invited the Monhegan School on a Puffin Cruise! The school board gave permission, we met at the wharf at 10am, rode the 6 miles to the Project Puffin, had lunch on board, and the kids were back at their desks by 12:45. Thank you Cap'n Al for your time and corny bird riddles. There are an estimated 225 pairs of Puffins nesting here on Eastern Egg Island, as well as many other shore birds. We saw most of the birds listed here on the Hardy Boat website.

See the yellow thing? it's a scarecrow for gulls, and it has a mechanism to pop up and push down for frightening the gulls, but i see no evidence of it working.
Leaving Eastern Egg Rock behind are some school kids and future school kid and mom.
Puffins are small, only 10" from beak to tail.
Outta here! They can fly up to 55mph. no kidding. i'd like to see a puffin and a cheetah race.


  1. Another wonderful post! Looks chilly out there, and so nice to see Jen and Margaret(right?)so grown up!

  2. Eunice loves Puffins....