Thursday, June 24, 2010

Taking a walk....

The kids and i braved big heavy, dangerous looking clouds and went for a walk...along the way, we visited Frank painting with the other island artist painting greats, Don, Alice, Alison, David and Frank ofcourse, and headed south to Lobster Cove...
this is a pic of Frank's sweet painting where he is "pushing color" as Don recommended in the painting critique he held in his studio, yesterday.( i think it was very successful)

...everyone listening to Don giving critique....some clutching white-knuckled to their wine glasses...but with his quips and witty remarks, there was a lot of laughter too.
discovered down on Lobster Cove....beach peas. kids were competing with how many peas "their" pods held, and how many they could eat.
so sweet
dinner picnic tonight. we got ice cream to go-before dinner. never have seen the kids eat their dinner that fast.....(as in-i gotta just choke this dinner down so i can get to my melting Novelty ice cream) And after ice cream, we went to hear our fave new bluegrass+ band play, starring Frank Stettner, with Linda and David, and their daughter Allie.

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  1. A sweet pea walk to Lobster Cove. Perfectly heavenly goodness!
    I am glad you documented all the talented artists in Don's studio. I can see that in a history book someday!