Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day edition

I took a bunch of pics of the kids serving breakfast in bed to frank, but really, no one needs to see them. i mean, everyone is tired, messy hair, rumpled sheets, badly lit, so i spared you from that. After we gave him his coffee in his cool new coffee mug that is ceramic , but looks like a takeaway paper coffee cup with a rubber top that looks like a takeaway plastic lid, from Elva's, along with the world's coolest head massager, Frank declared we hike to Blackhead thru the woods.

We finally saw a baby gull, see that little fluff of speckles?? just last week i posted pics of her (or him-after all it is father's day) roosting on the 2 eggs, and today, one had hatched, the other still incubating.
Jorgie cannot walk through Cathedral Woods without checking in with the fairy house she built in February with pal Riley. Frank was suggesting she add a portico. That didn't go over so well.
Arlo walking with a big stick, after forming the FHRC, self appointed commissioner of the Fairy House Regulatory Commission...who's #1 function is to destroy any and all fairy houses that are built using living material, the biggest offender, torn up moss. so, if you plan to build a fairy house yourself, and you don't choose already dead stuff, Arlo may just be on your heels with a big stick.

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  1. Happy belated Father's Day! Thank goodness there are folks like Arlo looking out for the well-being of the forest. Go Arlo!