Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spotlight on JORGIE

Tonight the Monhegan School held it's very first Variety Show. All the school kids played their ocarinas, as solos, duets and as a whole group, including their teacher and music teacher...also the school invited the community at large to bring in an act to show off their "talents".

We were blown away by the nerve of my girl, who got up on stage and sang her heart out with the excellent accompaniment of Linda and David.


  1. Friends are nothing 'til they sing together, 'til they sing all the day, until they sing the night away until they sing!

  2. how cool muffy- thanks for sending the link. I DO want to come visit.
    new job at the gris ahs been crazy intense adventure- catchyou all on the way back- maybe a night of taproom drinks with a swingband or sea chanties!
    love to all of you - L