Sunday, June 20, 2010

Workshop: Critique Night

Before getting busy critiquing the work, everyone filled up their wine glasses and ate some very good hors d'oeuvres. Frank asked us all to select just one painting, of everyone else's, that we liked and we brought them all to one side of the porch. And then one by one, talked about why we felt the painting "worked". Later, Frank gave pointers on how to work them up even better.
still smiling and lovely, even though they'd been painting inside with inclement weather. the sun burst through the clouds by late afternoon, and we were had some of the loveliest light later that night...
very actively critiquing!

look at all those canvases, stacked against the railing of the ice pond house! a prolific bunch.
good stuff!
ML painting on Fish Beach in the foreground....Frank questioning someone's color theory..."is cerulean blue a warm blue, or a cool blue"?

the aforementioned late afternoon light:

the blue splotches on the purple shirt are the long shadows from the buttercups sprinkled all over the trail to the beach.
found page of poetry washed up on the beach, which i stuck on a boulder. anyone recognize this verse?

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  1. Did it rain all week and then clear up just in time for the final critique? I hope not! Either way, Monhegan is THE place to paint and have a workshop. Congratulations to Frank and students. Looks like some very nice work.