Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Haven Edition: Frank wins a fellowship grant from the CT Commission for the Arts, and paintings adorn Smilow Cancer Center

Frank was awarded an FY10 fellowship from The Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism !!!!
He received the grant to support his "continuing artistic development and creation of new work." Specifically, Frank plans to continue painting the series I mention below...

Last week we went home to New Haven for a quick visit...besides seeing our friends and drinking great coffee, we bee-lined it to the brand new $467 million Smilow Cancer Center downtown to view Frank's Occupational Spirit, the series he painted of mom-and-pop store owners that rule the Westville section of New Haven, where we have lived for 12 years.
This pic is taken from the glass bridge/walkway over York Street that connects the cancer hospital to the other parts of the Yale/New Haven hospital.
These paintings adorn the 4th floor corridor, there are 10 of Frank's paintings on display, probably through the fall, and we were very impressed with how well they looked, this is not your typical garish fluorescent hospital lighting... Apparently, art was a serious objective when they built this facility.
This lovely painting, (of Paulette arranging a mannequin in her store window at Simonae) is hung at the end of a very long hallway and is now part of the Smilow permanent collection! Yea, Frank!

If you are not yet familiar with this body of work, please take a look at the Business section on Frank's website...


    Congrats to you, Frank! And to Muffy, because without you Frank wouldn't be as inspired!
    Sometimes I really dislike being so far away. Hope we can get back this summer to see!

  2. WOW!! these are fantastic paintings. what a strong body of work! congratulations!

  3. WOW! Congrats! I will have to get down there to see them again. Jack P