Friday, January 15, 2010

A Balmy Friday

Pictures from around town, yesterday and today. It is warmer and softer outside, but the surf kicked up. SO different from yesterday's dead calm water and crisp air.

soft morning sun on Manana, viewed while walking the kids to school.

quick sketch from my new journal, a gift from the wonderful Maddie Dagradi of New Haven, a woman who has been creating and teaching for most of her numerous years...

after school, down the "sliding board"

in Cathedral Woods yesterday, see how the light cuts thru the trees, bouncing on the snow. note Frank in his muck boots. muck boots,oh how we LOVE thee...NEVER have my toes stayed so warm.

the big one that did NOT get away!


  1. Hi Guys,
    You look so cute all bundled up! Looks like you're having a great adventure. I can't wait to get up there .....when the place thaws out.

    Frank looks so large with all his gear on that I wouldn't trust him with the female/male bears, I can see one peeking through the woods watching him paint.
    Miss you!,

  2. Did you actually EAT that lobster?????

  3. Hi Frank,
    We're posting from beautiful LaJolla, California, but loving the views of Monhegan! My name is Shirley Brown, I'm from Philadelphia, and I'm sitting here with Laurie Marshall, who bought one of your paintings at your mother-in-laws this fall. My dear friend Norma Kaplis has a cottage in Monhegan, very close to Lobster Cove, and I've spent a few wonderful visits there. Your work is wonderful...enjoy your Monhegan sojourn! And please post more paintings!

  4. what a funny connection shirley! i have shopped norma's vintage boutique on a number of occasions. cannot believe she is a dentist. keep checking back on the blog, i will be posting more of frank's work. -muffy (frank's wife)