Monday, January 11, 2010


family arrives
First week: leaving our native New Haven, CT behind, and settling into a lovely home that overlooks the harbor and the Atlantic Ocean to the ME coastline...introducing the kids to their new island school, 2 teachers, 2 dogs.
running to school, 1st day
under the welcome banner

...back at home, plopping into the HUGE beanbag chair with the kids to watch the sunset from our living room...the evening visit from a neighbor and her infant son with lobster and seahorse shaped cookies, followed by her fisherman husband darkening our doorstep (if you've ever seen this guy, you'd understand)bearing a milk crate loaded with the real crustaceans, with a booming, "Welcome to the neighborhood!"...a hike out to Pebble Beach on the north side of the island where a "bunch" (gaggle? pod? school?) of seals swam in to check us out...the setting up of our "account" at the grocery store, which consisted of saying hello to the proprietress. When she is not there we write down the groceries we've taken on the legal pad provided, and pay the tab at the end of each month.
hiking on the backside
winter light

Frank is finding his groove and having NO problem finding paintable subject matter. We've been walking the kids to school (when they allow us) and then hiking for inspiration. He has painted with other island artists,decked out in extra warm clothes!
up the road to our house-9 x 12" by frank bruckmann©

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