Thursday, January 14, 2010

Little Adjustments

here is the view of the most popular part of the house...looking into the kitchen and LR which are both upstairs. there is a deck beyond, and a glorious view of Manana, and the harbor which is too vast to capture.
a favorite place of ours in the summer, this brackish pond on the backside is frozen solid, and i love the winter light shooting across.
how we shop....i fill out a form, hand it in with a blank signed check, and at the end of next week it all comes in on the boat, and then we all gather and sort groceries. (aren't you glad you can just run to the grocery store on your own?)
this is a much better kitchen for baking cookies, the view makes everything taste better.


  1. What a wonderful adventure. Happy New Year!

  2. This is great Muffy! Thank you for including me. My nephew and his family went to France for a year and also did a blog. They have a 6 year old daughter, and a pair of twins that are, it was quite an adventure!! Please tell Frank I am painting and remembering all the wonderful things he taught me!