Friday, January 22, 2010

Bingo night at the Monhegan School

We'd only heard about monthly Bingo night at the Monhegan School. Last night we arrived and the classroom was transformed-the Bingo banner hung, furniture all rearranged, snacks and refreshments had been prepared by the kids, each had their part in presenting the evenings events, and the room was filled with about 20 Monheganites ready to give it all they got with some seasoned players handling several cards at a time... Bingo cards cost $1 a piece, and all the money went to relief efforts in Haiti.

A bingo enthusiast!

The class' "to do" list
The kids take turns calling numbers....all very cozy and a bit kitschy, but i like it that way.

And a couple pics from a long walk with Frank to the back side of the island.
very cool freezing pattern down at Gull Pond
Looking for more compositions to paint...a monocular and a "Frank"

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  1. i forgot to mention that i was the bingo champion for january. yes, i won a shield of armor, "to protect me from the harsh winter on monhegan"